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ALETRO is focused on delivering STEM lectures in science-technology museums and local schools acroos the nation. Interaction with student audiences with ample time for questions and answers will promote motivation for achieving carrers in aerospace and related sciences.


Ottinger Collection

C. Wayne Ottinger, president of ALETRO, was NASA Flight Research Center Project Engineer and NASA plant representative at Bell Aerosystems during the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV) design and fabrication. Ottinger then directed the flight test program on the LLRV until he became Technical Director at Bell Aerosystems for the subsequent Lunar Landing Training Vehicle (LLTV) program and setup the Bell flight test operation at Ellington Field for the NASA Manned Spacecraft Center at Houston.

Digitization of the Ottinger Collection is pending funding. 6.71 GB for 1,030 PDF files.

C, Wayne Ottinger Bio

Grimm Collection

Dean Grimm served as engineer for General Dynamics, Boeing and the FAA prior to his work with NASA, where he worked with Flight Crew teams for the next twenty years. As part of his tenure with Flight Crew aspects of the Apollo Program, Grimm was the NASA MSC LLRV/LLTV Program Manager.

The Grimm Collection is being prepared for digitization. The collection includes text documents, bound volumes, 16 mm and 70 mm film archives.

Digitization of the Grimm Collection is pending funding. 400 mb for 29 PDF files plus numerous books, manuals, reports.

Dean F. Grimm Bio, June 2000 (PDF)
Dean F. Grimm Oral History (NASA), August 2000 (PDF)

Matranga Collection

Gene Matranga served as both assistant LLRV Program Manager and, replacing Donald Bellman, Program Manager at the NASA Flight Research Center, now the Dryden Flight Research Center (DFRC).

Digitization of the Matranga Collection is pending funding. 1.9 GB for 210 PDF files

Gene Matranga Oral History (NASA), December 1976 (PDF)