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Supporting Human Space Exploration Beyond Apollo

Neil's last LLTV training flight - June 16, 1969 - one month before Apollo 11 launch

In early 2008 a group of space-race engineers from the 1950s with experience in early supersonic aircraft, the X-15 and the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Shuttle programs formed ALETRO to help locate, preserve, and present the technical information from America's space race. We have identified resources from the X-15 and NASA's flight programs, and we are searching for more about these and other projects, especially pre-Apollo, Apollo and Space Shuttle related information.

In 2010 and 2012, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) lectures were given for senior mechanical/aerospace engineering classes at Utah State University and University of California, San Diego. NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC) has supplied ALETRO a traveling exhibit of photo display boards to support ALETRO's STEM lectures to teach reaction controls at science and technology museums. Some additional space hardware belonging to the personal collection of C. Wayne Ottinger, ALETRO's President used in the lectures include the XLR-99 rocket engine two-stage igniter (sectioned) used in the hypersonic X-15 research project and the 100 lb hydrogen peroxide nose rocket used in the X-15 reaction control system. The Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV) ejection system seat-man separator used by Neil Armstrong in his LLRV ejection in May 1968 is also part of the personal collection.

Download, "Four Winds Boomeranged, A Memoir of Personal and Professional Stories," by C. Wayne Ottinger

ALETRO's YouTube site with historic videos of X-15, LLRV, and LLTV developments and flight operations and key aerospace conferences.

The aletrostem/aletrowebsite playlist has 20 videos totaling 14.5 hours of viewing time.

The playlist continues through number 20

Time Min Time Secs
1 C. Wayne Ottinger Memoir One Minute Clip  1 5
2 NASA AFRC 45th Anniverary Armstrong 4 min Tribute  3 55
3 LLRV 50Th Flight Anniversary Short Summary  36 24
4 2016 Wayne Ottinger Lecture  100 0
5 Neil Armstrong Speech SETP September 29 2007 Prototyping a Lunar Lander  32 39
6 Challenges & Solutions, Ottinger's X 15 & Lunar Landing Flight Research & Training  33 9
7 NASA JSC Constellation Altair Lunar Landing Training Conference  14 12
8 ALETRO STEM Lecture on Reaction Controls  17 50
9 ALETRO STEM Lecture Using Real Hardware  4 13
10 X-15 and Ham Clip: Discovery's Disc One, Discovery Channel's When We Left Earth  2 2
11 LLRV RV 50th Flight Annivesary  60 49
12 Dean Grimm: Moon Landing, KU School of Engineering  2 36
13 Lunar Landing Research Vehicle Conference October 8 1999 35th Anniversary 1st Flight  120 2
14 Ham, the Chimp Flies the Mercury Capsule Before Alan Shepard Does  2 2
15 First Rendezvous of Any Two Spacecraft, Gemini 6a With Gemini 7  29 12
16 Joe Engle X-15 Experiences  60 10
17 Entire Disc One of Discovery Channel's "When We Left Earth"  48 16
18 2005 WINGS X-15 Astronaut Wings Presentation & 1989 X-15 PILOTS  60 59
19 SETP Full Disc One Reflections Conference 9/29/2007 Anaheim CA  180 8
20 Disc Two SETP 9/29/07 RefleXtions  60 54

Ways You Can Help

ALETRO as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit is seeking funding for publishing Ottinger's memoir, travel costs to the Natioanl Archives facility in Ft. Worth Texas and NASA AFRC at Edwards AFB, CA to update the NASA Monograph SP-2004-4535, "Unconventional, Contrary, and Ugly: The Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (Foreword by Neil Armstrong) --- to be re-issued as an E-Book by the NASA AFRC History Office.

Tax Deductible donations are available with one E-Book of Ottinger's Memoir, "Four Winds Boomeranged" valued at retail at $10 each to be deducted from the tax credit for each donation of $100.  Example: For a $500 donation, (5) E-books will be given and $50 would be subtracted from the $500 donation for a net deduction of $450. AETRO's Tax ID Number (EID) is 262749784.

In 2007, Ottinger, ALETRO's President, conceived and co-chaired the Go for Lunar Landing Conference held in Tempe, AZ, March 4th & 5th, 2008, found on ALETRO’s website: LUNAR LANDING CONFERENCE MARCH 2008